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Church Mission

Franciscan Mission Open to Everyone “Mercy” Sponsored by the John XXIIII Secular Franciscan Order and St. Anthony’s Parish October 23-25, 2016 Leader: Fr. John Jennings, a priest who has served our community and others for 49 years and recently retired from St. Theresa’s Church after 18 years. He has been a lecturer at St. Thomas… Continue Reading


A BIG SHOUT Out of  THANKS goes out to our ST. ANTHONY’s BINGO GROUP for having the 3 Washrooms in the Church Hall completely remodeled, they are Beautiful!  Very very Generous of the Bingo Group!  Come see for yourself, Wednesday nights BINGO in the Church Hall, early Bird Games start at 5:30pm and Regular Games start at 6:30pm. Continue Reading

World Day Of Prayer Service

Women’s World Day of Prayer The service for Women’s’ World Day of Prayer 2016 – on Friday 4th March – has been written by the Christians women of Cuba. The title is ‘Receive children. Receive me.’ The Women’s Inter-Church Council is having the World Day of Prayer Services for in the Fredericton Areas.  F’ton Northside service… Continue Reading

1st Saturday Devotions

The Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist Preasidium of the Legion of Mary, St. Dunstan’s, would like to post an 8 x 11-inch sheet on your Bulletin Board (large print) and in your Bulletin monthly, the following information: (I can manually post this week, this Month’s – Dec. 5th – if permitted) First Saturday Devotions… Continue Reading

Service of Remembrance held

Service of Remembrance held

      Father Monte Peters welcomed Family and friends that had gathered Friday evening, Nov 6th to attend the beautiful Service of Remembrance held at St. Anthony’s. The lighting of candles by family members as the Roll Call of Names were read by Father Monte as the organist played.  Following closing prayer, people stayed to share and enjoy… Continue Reading

St. Anthony's Parish

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Parish Staff

Our Pastor: Monte Peters
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