603 Union Street
Fredericton, NB E3A 3N5

Phone (506)444-6010 / Email: st.anthonysoffice@nb.aibn.com


St. Anthony’s Church Hall Rental

Do you need a bigger venue to hold your event?

There is seating for 150 persons, kitchen facilities, several washrooms and lots of FREE parking space.

Why not drop in or call and speak to the Irene, Parish secretary, at St. Anthony’s Rectory (444-6010).

There are policies outlining the rules and regulations for use of the facilities. The policy requires that a person be designated to co-ordinate the event. They are responsible to read, date and sign a rental agreement. The agreement requires the hall; which is non-smoking, be left in the same condition prior to its use.

The hall may be rented on full, half day or flat rate basis. Rates may be obtained from the Parish secretary.

Catering services for a reception or event may be available, on request.

St. Anthony's Parish

603 Union St., Fredericton, NB E3A 3N5

Phone: (506) 444-6010
Email: st.anthonysoffice@nb.aibn.com


Parish Staff

Our Pastor: Monte Peters
Parish Secretary: Irene Jewett

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