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Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical ministers play a vital role in our weekend Masses and special liturgies throughout the year. Liturgical ministries include Youth Altar Servers (Sunday morning), Adult Altar Servers (Saturday), Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers of Hospitality and Gift Bearers.  Did you know nine to twelve Liturgical Ministers are involved at each weekend Mass? Please consider offering your gifts and talents and participating in our ministries.

All liturgical ministers are scheduled on a rotating basis at the Mass time of their choice.  Frequency of scheduling depends on the number of people taking part in the particular ministry.Training is provided to each new participant as required. Time commitment is minimal. New participants are always welcome.

Altar Servers – offer service to God and the community by assisting the priest during the Mass, including leading the procession with the cross and candles and assisting in the preparation of the gifts. Enrollment for the youth altar servers is that they should be in grade 3 or 4 and be able to sit on the altar for the duration of the Mass. Training is provided and we work on a buddy system while in the weeks of training.  The children find this very rewarding and they love to serve.
Contacts:  Adult Altar Servers – Kelly Bowlen
Youth Altar Servers – Marilyn Brennan

Lectors – When you answer the call to be a “Minister of the Word” you take on the duty and privilege of bringing the Word of God to the faith community. Lectors read the Readings of the Mass and the Prayers of the Faithful.
Contact: Cathy Bowlen.

Eucharistic Ministers – assist with the distribution of communion – the Body of Christ – to the faith community.  Duties include setting up prior to Mass and purifying after Mass.

Ministry of Hospitality – Greeters and ushers set the tone for the service.  Greeters arrive approximately thirty minutes prior to the Mass starting. These are the first people seen as they enter the church by parishioners and visitors alike.  In addition to welcoming people to each Mass, Ministers of Hospitality help with seating, if required, distributing bulletins and taking up collection. After the service, they assist in preparing the church for the next Liturgy by making it well organized and inviting.  Being joyful is a great asset in this ministry.
Contact:  Georgie Beatty

Ministry of Gift Bearer – The presentation of the bread and wine for the Eucharist by the faithful is one of the most ancient customs of the church.  The ministry involves a simple procession in which members of the faithful present the gifts of bread and wine to the priest.
Contact:  Georgie Beatty


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