603 Union Street
Fredericton, NB E3A 3N5

Phone (506)444-6010 / Email: st.anthonysoffice@nb.aibn.com


A Parish Meeting be held on Tuesday May 23. at 6:30

A Parish Meeting be held on Tuesday May 23. at 6:30 in the

Church- It is VITAL that all parishioners attend to help make the

final decision on the proposal which will be forwarded to the

Diocese and the Catholic Leadership Institute. “Please also

complete your Feedback Forms and/or letters. There a

container at the entrance of the church you can put them in.

It’s important that the Bishop hears your personal comments. ”


Members of the Working Committee:

Marilyn Brennan 470-7260
Ken Harris 474-0332
Cathy Bowlen 454-4935
Merla Spires 450-81 19
John Walsh 453-0122
Greg Feener  472-9364
Sharon Cormier 472-9813
Ann Boles 471-3931
Maureen Buck 457-9485
Eric Megarity 472-6594

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St. Anthony's Parish

603 Union St., Fredericton, NB E3A 3N5

Phone: (506) 444-6010
Email: st.anthonysoffice@nb.aibn.com


Parish Staff

Our Pastor: Monte Peters
Parish Secretary: Irene Jewett

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