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Church Mission

Franciscan Mission
Open to Everyone


Sponsored by the John XXIIII Secular Franciscan Order
and St. Anthony’s Parish
October 23-25, 2016

Leader: Fr. John Jennings, a priest who has served our community and others for 49 years and recently retired from St. Theresa’s Church after 18 years. He has been a lecturer at St. Thomas University for many years and is speaking on Pope Francis favorite topic. We feel very blessed to have him with us this fall to talk about how this topic and others is the future path of the Catholic Church.

The Mission will be at St. Anthony’s Church in Fredericton on Sunday, Oct 23 at 5PM and on Monday and Tuesday at 7PM. Please watch for further details in your church bulletin or call Gordon Hughes at 261-2125.

Submitted by Gordon Hughes

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Email: st.anthonysoffice@nb.aibn.com


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