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Report from Our Parish Gathering on April 26th, 2018

Ninety-three Parishioners gathered in St. Anthony’s Church Hall Thursday evening in anticipation. Father Monte Peters was met with an applause as he entered late due to mixing up the time.  From there the meeting took on a more relaxed air as Monte opened with a prayer.
The Working Group passed out a hand out which read “First St. Anthony’s Church is NOT CLOSING”.  Briefly it explain the distinction between a Parish and Church and The Bishops announcement of the 3 worship sites in our newly formed Parish as of September 1, 2018. They stated our Church will continue operation as normal with our continued support financially and generosity in volunteerism to ensure our success in this new era of change.
Monte asked us to reflected on the Vision Statement and we discussed openly 4 exercises of our feelings and possible answers to the questions ask of how we can move forward with the plan as a growing Faith Community together, sharing and inclusive as one inter-generational Parish, with our fellow members from St. Theresa, St. Patricks, and Our Lady of Fatima in our geographic community.
Sisters Karen Kelly and Sister Eleanor spoke well on how as we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we are one Faith Community serving one another not we against them.  A parishioner stood up and praised the Sisters how well they lead us recently at Easter and weeks following with the Lay Provider Masses when Father Monte was so ill.  Another parishioner stood and mentioned that we have SMFN too to thank in helping The Bishop to reach his decision to ensure that First Nations and French communities were left alone. Three other Parishioners each spoke on how they were so welcomed at St. Anthony’s when new here and had chosen us as their spiritual home.
Father Monte praised how Irene Jewett’s fundraising concerts in support of women and children, victims from family violence and Vicky Knight’s Parish Nursing Programs have done so well here and we can expand on them within our new Parish as well as programs they too have to offer!
Monte closed with a prayer and thanked us for attending and ask us to reflect and participate in other future meetings on our Parish merger.  Amen

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