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St. Anthony’s Worship Site Hosts 1st Combined Mass

On such a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, they came from Stanley, Nashwaaksis, Devon, SMFN, and Marysville, the youngest to the elderly parishioners, to fill to capacity, the 1st combined Mass of the newly merged Fredericton Northside Parishes at St. Anthony’s Worship site.  Father McGowan along with some of the arriving Parishioners, half hour before the start of Mass, all comment how nice it was to hear a church bell ringing and some hadn’t heard one in years!  Always welcoming, the Saint Anthony’s Folk Choir added their rich voices and musical instruments to the service and received an applause at the end of the Mass.  Members from all four churches participated in the ministries along with the celebrant priests:  Father McGowan, Father Monte Peters, Father Martin and Father Harris and the faithful responses by Parishioners.  During the one-hour long service the aroma of what lay waiting afterwards drifted upwards from the kitchen.  A huge thank you goes out to all that participated in the Mass, to all those great cooks for contributing their pot luck along with St Mary’s First Nation contribution, to all the busy kitchen helpers and especially to all who attended to take part in our celebration!

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