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Quilting Groupquilting

Between – deciding to use their favorite #10 or #12 needle, these ladies enjoy an afternoon of socializing over finishing the quilt they have on the wooden quilt frame. They are using natural light to thread the eye of these very small needles and using spools and spools of thread to make what was once called a “full size quilt.” (today we would call it a double size quilt).

The quilt starts with sewing up by hand the many pattern squares, and with the batting and backing, and labour of love, we finish the quilt.Whether you have ever sewed or quilted before, these ladies who have made many quilts for beds are willing to teach new comers.During the months of September through to June, they meet every Wednesday in the church’s Quiet Room (off the Altar) from 1-4 pm and enjoy their coffee break as much as they do the quilting.  Please contact Vicky Knight at 444-6398 if interested in joining the group.

These ladies have been generously donating their finished quilts to the Parish Nursing Program Fundraising.

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603 Union St., Fredericton, NB E3A 3N5

Phone: (506) 444-6010
Email: st.anthonysoffice@nb.aibn.com


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